Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just one small holiday wish

It’s the season of giving and when we should think of others. Blah, blah, blah.  It’s also when I get very regular inquiries of, “So, what does mini-me want this year?” (major kudos to Aunt V, who never asks and always sends something fantabulous!)  So, while I try to instill the spirit of giving into my greedy little who mini-me, I spend just as much time asking her what she wants someone else to get her.  In fact, she looked at me last night and said she was thinking of presents to give all her friends. My head exploded and I became a Grinch with red hair, “Have you lost your wee little mind…I’m not buying holiday presents for all your friends during this season of giving.”  Gulp.

In reality, I responded by telling her that giving can mean spending time with our friends, special activities and play dates, visits with family and friends.  Giving does not have to mean the actual outlay of cash.  “But,” she responded wide-eyed, “we spent money on people we don’t even know at the giving tree and adopt-a-family.”  Double gulp followed by an explanation on helping people that may need an extra boost during the season.

But it really made me think, if money were no object, what I would buy my friends. If I could don that red suit (a more slimming version, perhaps in black?) and magically go from house to house, what I would leave under others’ trees or next to the glowing menorah?  And, really – let’s forget all about that peace on earth, goodwill towards men stuff for a minute because as amazing as that would be, you can hardly put a bow on that.

For R & V, a fabulous vacation home that I would then use as often as possible.  Because V would make sure it had every conceivable creature comfort. R would make sure it had a rockin’ entertainment system. It would come with enough remotes that R will not have to share.  Or maybe just a guest house out back so we can all come stay for the whole summer and not get on your nerves. And just for kicks…one more NYC trip with just me and V.

M would receive every new gadget or upgraded version of the product she now has as soon as it’s available along with the space to store it.  Which means, a house with more space and a yard so her mini-her can romp and play with the pooch they long for. Oh, and a couple of free "anytime" passes on Southwest so that we can visit more often.

T knows what I wish for her. But I would also throw in that fantastic Kate Spade trench coat.

I would send L for weekly massages so that she gets a break from the world she’s carrying on her shoulders. Oh, and that Mary Poppins keeps things in line at home so she can truly relax.

For my sisters I would rent out a movie theater (with a stage) so that we could watch “White Christmas” together.  As a reminder. Singing and dancing would be mandatory.

I would buy S&S four plane tickets. We would marvel at the similarities in the girls while we repeat (again and again) that those two will never be left alone together (ever) and wonder at the marvelous mind of your sweet boy.  And I wouldn’t even make S do stuff around the house. Well, not much.

To K & D, a weekend at a plush spa so that you’re not watching anyone elses children, painting anyone elses walls, or doing repairs in anyone elses house.

To my mom posse neighbors, A & J, I would give personal bartenders, lounge chairs for the driveway (so we can really channel our inner trailer trash), lots of band-aids, bikes, skateboards and scooters that repair themselves and maids to clean it all up. Oh, and the complete season of Jackass on DVD.

For my friends far away, I would send a plane to scoop you all up and bring you for a visit. We would reminisce about what was (likely some big guffaws and a few shudders in there, too) and marvel at how far we’ve come.

And finally, for my mini-me, why yes, she would get a pony. And, a shovel.

Then, if I still have the spirit of giving in me after all that – I will throw a little peace on earth around for everyone to appreciate. Hope they know it if they see it.  And I hope all my friends get what they want this holiday season.

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