Monday, December 5, 2011

It's like a special guest episode but with less commercials.

This post is brought to you by my friend Chrissy at  A Lil Dash of Diva.  She’s a much more dedicated blogger than I am and posts almost daily (unlike my lazy ass).  She posts about beauty products (Chrissy is a product whore, and I say that with the utmost respect), recipes, life as a caretaker for her terminally ill mother-in-law, crafty stuff (she’s really good), life with her 7 year old daughter, Summer the dog and lots more!  Welcome Chrissy!!


Randi and I have been friends for a few years now and have decided to guest post for each other.  When I started thinking about what I would want to write about for her blog and knowing that her blog is all about friendships I wanted to do something a little different but that sort of ties in with friendship.  So I'm going to give you MY favorite things about having a daughter who is also a friend (a small 7-year old friend, but a good one nonetheless.)!

1.    I get to indulge my love of all things girly, frilly and PINK!
I admit it, I am one of those girly girls who loves makeup and jewelry and bags and shoes.  Anything glitzy and glam, yet I am totally that mom who wears her hair in a bun everyday and am lucky to find a shirt that doesn't have a stain on the boob(s).  My everyday wardrobe consists of jeans, stained t-shirts and either flip flops or God forbid, my CROCS!  I am a fashion nightmare most days.  But catch me on a good day and you will find a full face of makeup, hair that is shiny and styled and an outfit that does not include t-shirts or crocs.  Having a daughter who is also a major girly girl works in my favor...or it did until she started demanding to dress herself and do her own hair.  She is still an uber girly girl, but she just likes to do it herself now!

2.    I have a partner in crime!
My daughter is a daddy's girl for sure, but as she gets older she is also realizing what an ally mama can be if she plays her cards right!  So now instead of always siding with daddy, there are occasions where she will side with mama and give me a wink and a sly smile that says 'mama I got your back!' and I am sure she will...when she wants something I can help deliver!

3.    She may look like her daddy, but her attitude is all me!
From the minute my daughter was born, she has looked like her daddy's twin.  It was uncanny to me how much alike they looked.  As soon as she started developing her own personality though, you could tell she was my child.  Now, I don't like to say that I have an attitude problem...I like to say I am spirited!  Passionate!  Feisty!  Sassy!  These are all words I would use to describe myself.  They also happen to be words that perfectly describe my beautiful daughter.  Something her father and I agree on is that all of these qualities are a huge pain in the ass for us to deal with now, but will serve her well as an adult and I must admit, I do love that about her!

It’s great watching my daughter grow and learn – I love watching her make friends and learn how to be a friend.  They hug hello and goodbye, they readily apologize (most of the time) and just play together.  I always have a great time hanging with daughter and definitely think of her as my friend. I know that when she hits her teenage years, she may not want to be my friend so I’ll enjoy every second now.

Wow, thanks Chrissy.  I never really thought about my mini-me as my friend. I mean, I don’t get to give my friends time-outs or send them to bed without dessert (but then again.....) But, I have a great time with my mini-me, too. And, like you, I know there will come a time when good times may not include my company….but I take comfort in knowing she can’t pull one over on me (seriously, I know all those tricks) and when she really needs someone, I’ll be there. And, Chrissy, I know you’ll do the same for your princess.

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  1. Randi thanks so much for letting me guest post! I had a really good time with this post and I can't wait to see what you come up with for your spot on my blog!


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