Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life through a lens

So, Neiman had cancer. Had is the operative word.  Treatment ended in December (pretty fucking awesome Christmas present) and so far, all follow-up has been clean.  Elated is an understatement.  As I’ve mentioned, cancer changed Neiman in ways I didn’t expect: she got a potty mouth and the edge is gone. She’s softer in a way that is hard to describe but seems more content in her own skin. 

The journey through cancer treatment is a long and painful one. The ups and downs, the fear and victory, the exhaustion, side effects and uncertainty.  Neiman knew she wouldn’t go through it alone and indeed she didn’t – but I’m not sure she expected to make friends in chemo – the Chemo Amigos.  Their bond was immediate and everlasting.  I was lucky enough to meet these amazing ladies when I was on duty during chemo treatment #2 – they are amazing. There is a certain oddity of finding such joy and humor in a chemo room but these ladies lit up the room. Their optimism and ability to embrace the process with humor, grace and dignity is inspiring.

I’m not their only admirer….the local news has covered them and a magazine is doing a story on them.  This was written by the photographer for that magazine.  He totally got it.

So to the photographer who saw life and so much of it through his lens….kudos to you. I knew it was there all along.