Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To my Big Susan, T......

Today, my Big Susan T is in the news.  In fact, she is the news.  After years of shining bright in a very public position – she’s moving to an even brighter light and taking on a new gig.  I just read the press release* and was surprised by the tears in my eyes.  I am so wildly proud of T that I want to run around my office showing everyone the news, I want to shout “I know her,” – I want everyone to know how fantastic she is.

I immediately blinked back the tears and wondered if this amazing woman they were describing was the same one that once wore shorts held together by a safety pin and a bra necklace (thankfully, not both at once), the latter being just what you imagine only it wasn’t really intentional.  Or pretty.  She has assured me she is one and the same.

I am thrilled that T will be in town in 16 days (but who’s counting) – a visit already scheduled now has cause for celebration.  I’m so grateful for this visit because I know this new gig will keep her busy busy busy. So, for a little more than three days – we will just be us.  We will talk, shop, drink, gossip, laugh and maybe even cry.  We will catch up and listen.  Then we’ll eat, talk, shop, laugh and drink some more.  I will then put her back on a plane to head back to a brand new start. 

You know, there is truly nothing that can make you feel quite as stupid as starting a new job (except having a child – which can make you feel like an utter moron.)  I know T will be nervous and as excited as she is – change is hard.  So this is my message to T:

You are amazing.  You are my professional hero (and you know that I used to look up to CJ Craig on The West Wing but figured a role model should not be a fictional character.)  Your missteps have been few and your victories great.  You’ve always seen the big picture and worked hard to not get caught up in the little crap. You’ve played with the big boys and won more often than lost.  You are a force to be reckoned with.

So, on your first day, when you walk into your new office and everything is shiny and new and you don’t know where the bathroom is or how to work the phone system - remember how smart you are, how capable and how determined.  There may be lots to learn and the to-do list is long – but you should enjoy the view from the big office.  You have earned it.

Remember you are awesome and you can do whatever you set your mind to do.  After all, you rocked a bra necklace.

I am so proud of you. And so lucky we are friends.  Love you.

*Best line of the press release?  “Headshot available upon request.”  Oh, I got a picture they can have.

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