Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's that most wonderful time of the year

I would love to have some witty repartee to share today about my friends.  Sure, I could dig up something about their fabulousness or some random jackassery with friends (long overdue, I know) but to be honest – I haven’t seen my friends.

These last few weeks have been crazy busy – school started, Sunday school is about to start, back-to-school nights, Brownies, the never-ending shopping for school supplies and the school year activities are underway. Throw in some out of town guests, travel and house projects and you come up with a rather hermit-like situation – except way busier. And louder. This results in near-meltdowns and whining (from me, not my almost 7-year old) and crankiness with a side of sugar high (from my almost 7-year old.)

J and I met for what we hoped would be a relaxing lunch.  Bad sense of direction and an unexpected conference call cut that short but at least I now remember what she looks like.  I had hoped to at least see my friend T at the Sunday school parent orientation last week but she couldn’t make it (don’t think I didn’t call her to tell her she sucks.)  There I was at a virtual snark buffet and no one with whom I could partake.

A last minute call on Saturday resulted in an unexpected get-together with a friend who was in town for one afternoon.  It was great to see her and visit, while we simultaneously dealt with a gaggle of tired elementary school aged girls in a swimming pool. At a hotel.  Thank God the bar was giving out free shotsuh samples – of their new cocktails (happy to see the first, by the time the third was being passed, we were ready to flag her down.)

Tried some last minute get togethers – half-hearted on my end was met with exhaustion on the other.  I don’t know if I was disappointed or relieved.

I was able to catch up with my Big Susan L, who is wildly grateful that her power is back on and that school started. (The latter likely bringing more joy.)  Had a good chat with my sister-in-law S. She, too, is doing the back to school jig.  My Big Susan T had a house full of wee ones this weekend and was surely doing the naked dance of glee through a house that is once again quiet and empty.  My other Big Susan, M is just relieved to be on this side of recovery and that things are getting back to usual. Yep, this involved back to school, too.

I’m sensing a theme.

It’s a crazy time of year and the next few weeks will continue to be that way. I’m hoping to not only RSVP but actually show up to a mommy night out with E and a few others.  K and I are hitting the road in a few weeks for an end of season beach trip.  S and I are hoping to celebrate Rosh Hashanah together.  T is coming to visit (that closet cleaning did the trick.) E has talked me into at least considering a camping trip in the Spring (okay, just the thought scares me and makes me laugh.) Talked to the person I’ve know the longest who told me she would attend our 30th reunion if I would.   

So, it’s life on the run right now – and we’re all heading in different directions. I like knowing that there are certainly things to look forward to - good friends and good times. Surely, there will be good stories to share.

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