Monday, September 19, 2011

I know we'd be BFFs if only.....

Admit it – we all envision being friends with someone famous who, based on what we’ve seen, read or heard – is just like you. Or, it may even be someone in your office, a random friend of friend you often hear about and sometimes see, or an acquaintance with whom you’re friendly You just know you two would be immediate BFF’s if only…….

I definitely have a few on my list:

Jen Lancaster – author and blogger who truly has the gift of snark.  Snark is most appreciated and effective when one has the chutzpah to use it when looking in the mirror as well as looking at others.  If you haven’t read her books and enjoy a good snark – pick one up. You will laugh long and loud.  We would have the most fantastic time making fun of people and I’m sure she’d give me the courage to embrace my inner preppy.  Besides, we both love a good cardigan.

Tina Fey – really, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to be friends with her? We would bond over our darling little girls who are so bossy they could easily take command of the troops.

Tim Gunn – any man who can use the phrase “pubic patch” and admits having no experience with breasts - all with a straight face should really be my friend.  Besides, would it not be fantastic to get drunk with him?  I think he secretly has a potty mouth that is as offensive as mine can be.

James Carville & Mary Matalin – any couple who sit who such opposite sides of the political fence while happily married (yes, to each other) and raising a family – I want to hang with them.  His intellect is intoxicating (yes, I’ve a bit of a secret crush) and her sense of humor and ability to put him in his place cannot be topped.  I’ve actually heard them speak in person.  Not only is there much to learn but Oh.My.God – can you imagine the conversation over dinner?

The uber-cool LW, who is really good friends with R&V and while I almost always see her when I visit, I would never assume she’s my friend. But, man – this woman is hilarious, kind, a great cook and makes wicked pink death. She may only be nice to me because I’m related to her good friends but I revel in the connection. 

MO, a big cheese at my daughter’s school – the coolest school administrator I’ve met. She kept me from going bat-shit crazy last year when my daughter had the worst teacher ever (who I drove to retirement – yeah, me!)  She is funny, honest and I just have a sense that we would have a great time if we could kick back as friends.  I know it’s not possible – protocol and all – but she overheard me mention tequila one day and commented that it sounded great. My kind of would-be friend.

K is a mom that I know. We’re acquaintances but not really friends.  I really admire her pull-yourself-up-by-the bootstraps kind of approach to things. She always seems unbelievably happy and it appears to be a natural state. I imagine being friends with her is crazy fun and nonstop busy-ness.  She loves to toss back a drink and I don’t think she’s ever missed a good time.  I’d worry I couldn’t keep up with her but not too much – she appears to have a ton of equally pretty, super fit, stylish hipster friends to pay me much mind. But I sure would like to have a big dose of her outlook and energy.

I know I will never be friends with those famous folks and I suppose it’s their ability to connect with the every person that makes them, well, so successful and famous.  And, while I may never really be friends with the mere mortals on my list – I count myself lucky that I move in a circle in which I have some level of interaction.

But really, I wish Jen, Tina, Tim, Mary or Jim (I think I can call him that, don’t you?) would call.  If only…….

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