Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's all my fault and I don't regret a single thing.

I saw this picture and immediately thought of Brenda Starr (one of my Big Susans).  I mean - we go way way back (Okay, who saw that movie? Awesome!) to life before braces, puberty, hair products and any form of independence.  She knows all sorts of shit about me.

So...I sent this to her with the note "For some reason, this made me think of you."

Her response, "Hilarious.  As I recall, you were the bad influence."

Sigh. I can't even pretend that isn't true.  And, I'm not sorry.

Note:  Mr. & Mrs M (her parents) still have no idea.  And yes, I still call her parents Mr and Mrs because even though I am almost 51, I will never be adult enough to call these two by their first name. Ever.

May you each a friend who was a bad influence. It's worked out pretty well for us.

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