Monday, November 24, 2014

Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow aka Birthday Wishes

I don’t know if there is anything to read into the fact that Big Susan and Neiman have birthdays one day apart.  Seems rather fitting that two such extraordinary women were born under the same moon.  Kind of appropriate, you know?  A holiday where we acknowledge our thanks would not be complete without a toast to two people who embody all that for which we should be thankful.  I hope they both know just how grateful I am for them not only during this season of thanks – but always.

To Big Susan,
I hope you’re starting your day in a great way. Perhaps you and Mom are wearing your matching bathrobes while having coffee, doing the crossword puzzle (in pen) and reading the obits (so you know who is coming.)  Perhaps Jack is making you breakfast and my Dad will stop by later because as he always said, “I like Susan. I’ve always liked her.  She’s a great broad.”

I hope your day is spent doing everything that makes you happy including watching your children and grandchildren live and love, prosper and thrive and if you see them stumble, giving them a boost before they even know they need it.

I hope you bask in the glow of love and adoration from those near and far.  A visit with your wonderful mother, your cousin Joan, other friends and family who stand with you now as well as the warmth of those down here that send you love and miss you every day.


To Neiman,
You’ve celebrated big this weekend; surrounded by friends, festivities, music, drinks and fun.  I so wish I could have been there. Nothing would have made me happier than to raise a glass or three in your honor; to see your smile glow in the warmth of being loved.

As usual, my card and gift will be late because I can’t always get my shit together. That said I hope you did appreciate my gift of not calling you bright and early yesterday (as you know I am likely to do)  so you could enjoy those chocolate dipped strawberries, coffee and other treats so thoughtfully delivered by someone who may have naked.

I hope you enjoyed every minute of your celebration.  I hope there was much laughter and that wonderful memories were made.  I hope the love of family and friends surrounds you on your birthday and always.

These two amazing women have taught me much and their similarities are startling.  Neither one has ever raised their voice to me (if you know me, you know that is pretty fucking amazing.)  They are polar opposites of their best friend yet their friendship has been a deep bond from the start and lasted a lifetime and then some.  Both offer unconditional love and support, unwavering commitment to friendship. Never asking why but grabbing the shovel to help you dig out, dig in or bury the body. They are truly a testament to friendship – they have defined it, they live(d) it and it is their legacy – both living and in memory.

So cheers to Big Susan and Neiman.  You are loved deeply today and always.

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  1. yay for friendship! we missed you this weekend, Randi!


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