Friday, March 29, 2013

I can't believe I said that....

I talk about some crazy shit with my friends. In the course of one conversation, Geek and I will talk about kids, morons at the office, deal we found while shopping, an upcoming trip, ideas for Easter eggs, other people, stomach distress and periods.  In no particular order and with no segue from one topic to the other. It’s total free association and we just get it.

Neiman and I do the same thing. We go from houses to boys to dogs, dogs with gas, to her mom, my daughter and some stupid ass political issue only to close out the conversation with a quick touch on the topic of pooping and boobs (which come up in every conversation with her.)  The entire conversation may have been 10 minutes.

Recently, Lips waxed me. No, she wasn’t down in my nether regions – she did my brows and my upper lip (don’t judge, it’s the first time I’ve done my lip.) In the span of 10 minutes we covered annoying kids, annoying dogs, waxing your nethers and the mishaps that can occur and she aggressively removed two blackheads.  True friendship.

My sisters and I are the same.  I was visiting with mini-mom; we talked about the upcoming B’nai Mitzvah for her kids, the illness of a dear friend, bras, hair color, recipes, home decorating, travel, dogs and it’s likely constipation came up.

And, despite all these crazy-ass conversations, I am stunned when mini-me pulls random shit out of thin air to talk about. Seriously, we’re walking the dog and she says, “I wonder what she was thinking about when I saw her do that thing the other day,” as if I knew just what she was talking about….or we will be talking about school and she will ask me if she can see a specific movie three weeks from now or why the sky is blue.  Both of these are way more important than our talk about school. I joke that a conversation with her is similar to talking to someone on acid – it’s free association times ten. But then, I realize the apple did not fall far from the tree.

I know my mom and Big Susan talked this way as well. With a single word, a glance – they knew just what the other was thinking though Big Susan was often thinking something way nicer than my mom. They could finish each others sentences and more than once I heard one of them say, “I was just thinking that…” or "me, too."

Is it our comfort with one another that lets us move from one topic to another? Do we drop our guard so much with our friends that we can chat about anything? And, can we often rightly assume that our minds move at the same pace and in the same direction that the random change of topic only enhances the conversation?  Is this the mark of people that are such good friends they just get it?

I sure hope so because I have to take a shower and can’t wait to try this new shower gel and did you get the new Vanity Fair yet? WTF was she thinking?

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