Monday, March 12, 2012

Lessons Learned aka Boob Sweat

I’ve learned a lot during the last week. They say that adversity can bring out the best and worst in people. I’m happy to say that I, for the most part, have only experienced the best.

I learned that my sister-in-law Beach is a great sport with a big heart. She kept us going on Monday when we got the news....and became travel angel with flight scheduling.  Everyone should have a great Beach in their life.

I learned that time and distances do not have to diminish relationships.  I spent a large part of this week on the opposite side of the country and was able to reconnect with family and friends – some of whom I had not seen in years.  Time and distance did not take away what we had. We fell into familiar roles. The laughter and tears were genuine.  Mini-me was able to spend time with people who are so important to me – and who truly did help make me who I am today (blame them or thank them – it’s up to you.)  Watching Tunes chat with mini-me made me smile on the hardest of days….and when he said, “she needs to know me” I was verklempt.  Then I watched mini-me looking for Bergdorf – and asking for her help with one thing or another. This made me laugh.  You see, years ago I ran around looking for their mom – Big Susan’s daughter – to help me with one thing or another. A cycle worth continuing.

I learned that some friends are family and the lack of blood relation just doesn’t matter. I had that conversation with mini-me about the difference between friends and family – and then we talked about those oh-so-special friends that become family.  She was shocked that we weren’t really related to Big Susan and her family because “it feels like they’re my family.”  I simply responded, “they are your family, sweet girl – they are.”

I learned that some cousins can never be left alone together. Mini-me did insta-bond with her cousins, Mothman and BabyMama.  She and Mothman are close in age while BabyMama is a wee bit younger.  Mothman was the straight man (most of the time) to two girls who were often out of control. It was like watching kids on acid.  All three were involved when the word “butt” was Googled. There was much laughter during the visit and many tears when we left.  I’m hoping we reconnect again sooner rather than later.

I learned that mini-me is a good traveler – even when tired. A constant stream of snacks and music helps. Oh, and she can "hold-it" for a long time.

I learned that boob sweat can short out a phone but luckily, it comes back after a cooling down period.  So, despite being almost shamed into buying a new phone by Tunes, I dodged the iPhone bullet. At least for now.  I suppose I should also say that I learned I shouldn't tuck my phone into my bra...but I doubt I'll heed that lesson.

I learned that I-270 certainly could make a commute easier - if the traffic ever moved.  Seriously, 90-minutes to go 30 miles.  And, that I still have my sense of direction back there.

I learned that hard-shell crabs – even out of season and a wee bit small – are delicious. Especially when watching Mothman master the mallet and dig in.

I was reminded that I have amazing friends.  I got messages, texts, posts and comments from friends near and far. Checking in, check up and making sure. So grateful that though I was far from most of them, it felt like they were with me the whole time.

I learned that we are our mother’s daughters.  My sisters and I cleaned, re-filled, set-up, put-out (much less exciting than it sounds) and condensed.  We helped, we supported, we shared and we remembered.  Big Susan’s daughter’s led this orchestra and we played on.  Despite years of eye-rolling that we were becoming our mothers, I think we were all proud to carry the torch this past week. We can only hope that Francine and Big Susan looked on with pride.

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