Friday, March 2, 2012

Gratitude Seuss-Style

Today,  I honor my friends – those silly, those serious, those close and those far away.  Be Seussical, be silly, find your smile today.
Thanks for being you.

To my friends old and new, you know who you are
You are in my ‘hood, you are sadly quite far

Some have been in my life for many a year
Some are newer than that but I hold them all dear.

We’ve had some good times, we’ve weathered the bad,
We’ve laughed more than not , we’re cheered up when we’re sad.

We’ve seen each other grow and at our less than the best
But steadfast we remain; we’re different than the rest

We’re friends thick and thin; good, bad and ugly we know
Our friendship is true, through the highs and the low

Drinks have been drunk, raised our glass and cried “Cheers”
Saluting success and drowning the tears.

So in honor of the doc, on his special day
I honor my friends in a Seussical way

You make me laugh, dry my tears; the support never lacks
You do and you give; I don’t think I can ever give back

What you give to me, this thing friendship they say
I’m grateful for that thing, grateful each and every day.

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