Monday, October 10, 2011

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I’m on Facebook. I post, I update and I like.  I link and sometimes I even upload or share. I don’t post every thought (uh, because that may land me in jail or a mental hospital) nor do I automatically like everything a friend says (‘cause you know that saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say…)  I do think that we are all pretty consistent with our comments, replies and updates.

T can be counted on to give a solid snark regarding any trashy reality TV show. Now, I don’t watch those shows (I'm not being high and mighty - they just aren't my thing with the exception of Project Runway) but she’s consistent. Want to know about Kate who procreates or Prostitots on Parade? T can tell you and won’t gloss over her own opinion of the whole situation.

Now, T’s other half is a frequent poster who often will like his own posts and comment on them. I find this hilarious.  It reminds of that Sally Field speech with a new twist, “I like me, I really like me.”

D is a sports girl – she follows whatever is in season. It’s like a really intense family game night in her house. Now, as I’ve said before – I couldn’t care less. But, I love that she and her hubby have turned their kids into fans and make it a family affair.  Now D is not alone, my old friend T posts what amounts to a play-by-play during game time.  I love her enthusiasm even if it is like trying to understand a foreign language.  Their posts are often like the sports section (which sadly, I never read but sometimes look at the pics and headlines.)

J is the most positive poster ever. She virtually oozes optimism. Even her replies are positive.  In a funk? J’s posts will put things in perspective.  Even if you’re having such a bad day that you want to smack the perky right outta her, you gotta appreciate that her glass is always at least half-full and that folks like her really do exist.

Now, K posts with great frequency – speaking to friends here and far away.  It’s not as often as stream of consciousness but she’s got a trigger finger poised over “post.” She replies to others’ with the same speed and frequency speaking blunt and honest truth. While not always the bluebird of happiness, K’s posts are often funny, always honest and may include an accurate weather update.

Now everyone has their opinion on what should and shouldn’t be posted. I tend to steer pretty clear of political commentary. While I love a good political debate (and can hold my own), it just seems that political discourse these days is so extreme and lacks a certain rationale, logic and respect.  My friends know where I stand as much as I know where they stand. We’re friends because of or despite that and don’t need to pee on any virtual political trees.

That said I really admire when W posts her stance on issues. Nine times out of ten, I completely agree with her and will “like” her post. Once in a blue moon, I will comment. But generally, I just smile quietly –safely behind my monitor.  It’s not because I’m afraid to voice an opinion (folks that know me well are now laughing at that thought) but more because anything online follows you forever and I’d prefer not to voice something that may ultimately kick me in my professional ass.

Some friends post, link and upload based on things they feel very strongly about. Some pictures are not for the faint of heart and some links certainly tug on the heartstrings.  I once commented that things are not always so black and white and that being more open-minded may be helpful. Totally backfired and I think this friend of a friend may have had a minor head explosion. I was happy not be her friend and relieved she doesn’t know where I live.

Other friends post infrequently or just lurk in the background.  The person I’ve known the longest falls into both of those categories.  Other folks – including my sisters – just aren’t really interested though one of them is coming around now that her daughter is frolicking in another country and is an avid picture poster.  I don’t post often on my niece and nephews walls – but I love reading what they are up to and seeing their pictures – sort of. I use the word “love” loosely because frankly, sometimes what I see or read makes me shake my head and say “those kids” as if I never did any of that.

Reading my friends’ posts, links, likes and shares often reminds me why we’re friends and what I appreciate in them.  I may learn something about them, share their excitement or disgust. I may be impressed, surprised or simply laugh. Either way, it’s more than a facebook – it’s more like a friend book.

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