Monday, October 17, 2011

Coming 'Round Again AKA T-Time

This past weekend, my Big Susan T came to visit. Unlike years gone by, our days were not spent sleeping as a result of being out all night doing unspeakable things with unspeakable people.  Instead, we immediately fell into our groove – as if we shop, lunch and visit all the time. Our conversations picked up where our last phone call left off.

We shopped like we were on a mission – like junkies looking for a fix. A fix of a new frock, shoes or doodads for my still kinda new house. Oh, and we people watched - lobbing snark between the two of us better than V volleys her tennis ball.  V would have been a welcome addition to our spree since she lobs snark well, too – but her southern accent makes it sound way nicer.

We were up and out early since I had to drop my mini-me at camp (it’s ridiculous “fall break” here – because, really – we just started school and the poor things already need a break.)  Coffee and pedicures kicked off our morning. No need for the trash magazines during this ritual – we yakked the entire time that nice lady sanded pampered my feet so that they were left chafed and raw soothed and polished.  Let the shopping begin.

Like Pirate's booty - only better.
Our Friday booty was full of solid scores – a knife block so we prevent future stabbings in my kitchen drawer, a fabulous Coach tote bag for T’s upcoming trip abroad, shot glasses (those are for you, R), skirts, some rockin’ animal print shoes and shiny things for my living room.  We wandered, tried on, made tremendous fun of people here pushing the season by wearing wool skirts when it’s 100 degrees in October, admitted we don’t understand Betsey Johnson, pissed off the lady at Jo Malone (uh, was it my inability to differentiate between classic spicy and classic floral scents?), tried on shoes fit for a tranny and laughed like adolescents at my inability to walk in them.  We even shopped in Neiman-Marcus where I saw that T truly isn’t the only person on the planet to shop there and confirmed that I probably never will. But really, it was all so pretty and soft.

Mini-Me & T - bonding during an Angry Bird break
We hung out.  My mini-me was jonesing for time with Aunt T. It was really heartwarming for me to see my daughter find such amazing joy with my Big Susan. Must be genetic though T’s iPad with Angry Birds may have also played a role.

We exhibited extraordinary patience while we carnivaled one morning. Stupid games with crappy prizes and mini-me’s eyes were lighting up like a pinball machine. The 100 degree heat made those bounce houses extra special. It was an easy bribe to get her to eat lunch in a nice cool restaurant to be followed by shopping (but, for me, right mama?) T got mini-me excited about and into clothes that she would never consider with just me. The amount I spent on kids clothes was really just like an insurance premium that we could hit a couple more grown up stores with minimal whining. Don’t judge. It totally worked.

A child-free (major thanks to S for adding one more to her brood for the evening) dinner let us celebrate T’s new job – we cocktailed, nibbled, wined and dined. We even desserted.  We then went out dancing where we danced every dance and closed the place down. Okay, just typing that makes me giggle.  Embarrassingly, we were exhausted by 8:30 and eager to get mini-me, head home and put our feet up and visit some more. We partied like old people.

And on Sunday, when I was rattled to my core with devastating news, I was deeply grateful for many things – one of which was that T was with me. She let me cry, she distracted me and let me laugh.  We enjoyed the fruits (figuratively because nothing we ate was even remotely as healthy as fruit) of LGO with talk that ranged from the breakfast that should just pasted right onto our asses to the loss I had learned of and what that meant. 

You know a weekend was exactly what it should be when the parking gods were kind to us everywhere we went.  Covered parking right outside Nordstroms? Check.  Right up front by the really good TJ Maxx? Natch.  Front row at Sunday School? The Gods were kind and saved one for us.  Topped it off when we pulled into a prime spot at LGO (many thanks to K&D for turning me on to LGO – a new fav.)

The days went too quickly.  T and I are used to long weekend visits and they always end on a high note. For some reason, this one was harder for me. Perhaps it was my sad news or perhaps it was just having truly appreciated a visit with friend where we seamlessly fit so well and being pulled apart just leaves a bit of a ragged edge.  We both moved back into our regular day to day – fortified by our visit, grateful for our time together and determined to not let so much time pass before our next one.

To T, thanks for making me laugh, for bonding with my wildly neurotic dog, for loving to spend time with mini-me, for boosting my spirits and our local economy.  We (me, mini-me and the City of Scottsdale) miss you already.

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