Saturday, July 16, 2011

And today....I am six

I now really truly dislike one of my daughter’s snot-nosed little friends. We actually went on a play date today. I was hesitant but the little girl’s grandma said her precious little gem was really begging.  I've talked about this little  princess here

This 6-1/2 year old used a snarky tone of voice that should be reserved only for well, someone like me talking to another grown up.  Repeatedly.  Then, as we’re leaving and her grandmother is out of earshot, I ask, “Are you excited about school starting?”  OMG…big f-ing mistake.

This kid unloads that she hates school, it’s boring and everyone is mean to her.  Yep, I went there. I asked, “Who is mean to you?”  She says, “Well, insert my daughter’s name is mean and I don’t really like her.”  My daughter tears up and says, “We don’t always agree and sometimes we fight but we always make up.”

I instantly became another 6-1/2 year old and asked, “Then why did you want a play date?”

The ride home was extra delightful with these two in the backseat.  I hear them disagreeing about something typical…and this kid says, “It’s not the words you use but the tone, it’s all about the tone.” I swear, it sounded like a 40-year old in the back seat.  She then reaches over, knocks a CD case out of my daughter’s hand and smiles sweetly at me in the rear view mirror. My daughter bursts into tears and tries to turn away in her booster seat.

Pretty damn sure I’m no longer playing nice in that sandbox.

Disclaimer:  I do not think my kid is an angel. In fact, I usually blame her first and always make her apologize. In fact, the wrong "tone" gets her a lick of a nice wet bar of soap.  In this instance, she did nothing wrong as I heard the whole exchange. It was totally the other demon child.

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