Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ahhh....remember when

Tonight, a group of people in their –ahem – late 40’s will gather at a club.  They will hug, laugh, raise a glass and possibly shed a few tears.  They will remember or at least try to remember.  They will re-kindle old relationships; perhaps establish a few new ones.  There will be dancing, toasting and slaps on the back. 

Many will be there – to try and recognize those we once knew so well.  We will be grateful if the name badges have a senior picture.  There will be laughter about hairlines, bellies and the effects of gravity.  There will boasting of children and even some grandchildren.  They will be successful in many ways and from many walks of life. 

Many will not be there.  perhaps life just doesn’t always grant the break we want and other commitments or obligations take precedence.  It’s like missing the homecoming game because you’re grounded – you want to be there but there is a louder voice telling you that just can’t go.

To those that will be there tonight – I will miss seeing your faces – even if I don’t remember them all.  I will miss the stories and “remember whens”.  I will miss seeing pictures of your kids and hearing about your parents – your brothers or sisters.  I will miss marveling about how great everyone looks and what a great night it is.

To those like me that just couldn’t make it – let’s be sure we raise a glass and share at least one high school story with those around our table tonight.  Even if they don’t get it – tell the story and remind them that you were there.

To those that are gone – I hope there is a hell of a reunion in the clouds tonight. You left us too soon but we remember.  .

We are all grown. We have traveled different paths and built whole lives.  We live all over the country and have pursued our interests and passions.  We are different than we once were (maybe, maybe not) – at least older and hopefully wiser.  None of those differences will matter because tonight, we are once again Kennedy Cavaliers. What once bound us together has done so again.

To the John F. Kennedy Class of 1982 – Cheers my friends. I’m with you in spirit.

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