Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's your type?

My friend Chrissy, over at A Lil’ Dash of Diva, and I have been talking about guest blogging for each other.  She just shared a rockin’ idea of what she wants me to guest blog about and in true friend fashion – I’m stealing it and using it here. Because, well – I suck (but at least I admit it.)  So Chrissy, this one is for you.

Generally, our circle of friends includes folks that have a high “plu” factor. This means “people like us,” because well, generally like hangs out with like.  Within that circle, there are a few stand-outs – some with a higher plu rating than others.  We’ve all got our Big Susans (at least I hope you do) and this isn’t really about that kind of friend. This is about those other friends that hold a special place in our hearts.  The kind of friends that everyone needs:

Hip friend. This is someone that is way hipper and cooler than you. In my case, this is not hard. Virtually everyone fits the bill but really – this friend is so important.  They will generally keep you from flashing the neon “dumb ass” or “dork” sign above your head.  They often do things you only wish you could do and look way cooler doing than you would ever look.

Native friend.  Someone that is native to the area where you live or has lived there long enough to know the scoop.  I moved to my ‘hood 3 years ago and not to diminish the other newcomers that I befriended but we were the blind leading the blind. It was really awesome to have friends that knew the dumps that served great food (two words: Chino Bandido), the good dentists, the back roads and the can’t miss stuff around town.

A drunk. Or someone that at least likes to throw back a drink or three. This friend is not a drink snob – boxed wine, cheap tequila or discount happy hour drinks are all just fine.  They will raise a glass, dance crazy with you, share a good drunk cry with you later on and does not need a reason.  This may not be your most reliable friend.  At one time, I had more than one of these friends in my life but these days this friend is a wee bit harder to find. Former Reformed drunks often fit this bill these days and neither of you often get beyond two drinks. Still drunks – but cheap and easy ones – with families and jobs.

The picker-upper.  This is the friend you call in despair – you had a fight with a significant other, you bounced a check to your kid’s daycare, you lost your job, you haven’t had a date in years or you need bail.  This may or may not be your Big Susan.  Note:  This may also be the same friend that will hold your hair back while you vomit drinks you sucked down with your drunk friend.

Gay friends. Politically incorrect or not, your circle of friends is just not complete without a gay friend and a lesbian friend. The former will keep your fashion in check and remind you how fabulous you are.  The latter will remind you how amazing you are (different than fabulous) and that, yes, it’s perfectly normal for your body to do that.  Either can serve as stand-in dates for virtually any occasion.  They may also be your pick up the pieces friends.  Note: And, if you’re gay – you need straight friends. Similar reasoning. Except for the fashion part.

Me and a fellow bitch frolicking
Bitch. We all really need a bitch in our lives. Now, I can be card carrying bitch (at least I can admit this about myself) so perhaps your bitch balances you out but more than likely, it’s a really kind-hearted person that just speaks your specific kind of snark. This shared perspective is so important – especially when people watching or talking about others.

A jackhole. This is different than a bitch.  This person is just really an ass.  You generally don’t confide in this person and you often need to hide them on Facebook because their comments are so wildly jackholey-ish.  But once in a while, this person’s inner human shines through and they say or do something really kind. Or funny.  Or, you just really need reminding that at least you (or your spouse) are not that bad.

Plugged-in friends. Those well-connected friends that know someone everywhere.  They are a great “go-to” resource for everything from advice to job leads to a Sangria recipe. If you’re lucky, one of these friends may also be your brother and another may be your Big Susan.

Opposites. Friends that sit on the other side of the political, religious or lifestyle fence.  Different is good and hopefully, this friend welcome questions and conversation. This friend opens your mind and teaches you that tolerance is an important trait – in ourselves and in our friends.  Besides, you cancel out each other’s vote.

The other gender. You can’t underestimate the role of this person – they give insight and understanding. And, can help you shop for a gift.

I really need all my friends so while this list is far from complete – it really does highlight a few key types that keep me humble. Some of you may recognize yourself and in some cases, you may be embarrassed.

And last but certainly not least, you all need a friend like Chrissy. She gives great ideas and doesn’t hate you for stealing them.  Visit her at A Lil’ Dash of Diva.

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  1. lol, I love this list! And you are very welcome for the idea ;) haha


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